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What makes a good lawyer?

A good lawyer meets you at home or in the hospital; in jail or at the end of a quiet bar. If you visit his office, he brews coffee or tea for you. If he lacks your preferred condiment—half-and-half, say, or honey—he sprints down the sidewalk to borrow some from the cafe. He asks many questions about your case. Then he asks just as many questions about yourself. He is patient, curious, gregarious: he knows that every detail counts; he knows, too, that each meeting presents an opportunity to form a good, sometimes profound, relationship. He doesn’t skimp on research materials; rather, he invests in the finest resources available to him. He doesn’t complain about hours spent at the computer or in the courtroom: he enjoys writing (and has, in fact, devoted decades to the craft) and he enjoys speaking for clients in court (an honor for which he remains humbled). When you leave his office, you feel respected, understood, and, most of all, protected. That’s my ideal for a good lawyer—an ideal toward which I strive.

Mick Castagna

I entered the legal profession following a career as writer and editor, having last worked at HarperCollins Publishers, New York, New York.  I moved to Milford, New Jersey, from Detroit, Michigan, age 13, and grew up working at my folks’ bed-and-breakfast, Chestnut Hill on the Delaware.  My experiences, including three years in seminary, help me appreciate the varied hardships and uncertainties of ordinary existence.  Past stints include dishwasher, caddie, carpet and mattress deliverer, landscaper, pizza deliverer, nursing home worker, security guard, waiter, caregiver, painter, janitor, construction worker, innkeeper, farmhand, reporter, copy-editor, copywriter, grant-writer, Kirkus book reviewer, and editor.  I work thoroughly for each of my clients, whether in or out of court; I aim, above all, to bring calm and clarity to them during strange, adversarial times—I aim, that is, to be a true Counselor-at-Law.  Drop by for coffee or tea sometime.


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